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Theresa Kellam, Ph.D. H.S.P.

Licensed Psychologist



Couples Counseling $185 for a 50 minute session

Dr. Kellam says individual therapy is important, but couples therapy moves like light speed.  Changing the way you communicate and connect with each other can heal more than your relationship, it can change the way you see yourself, each other  and the world.  Learn how to help each other heal and move forward from past hurt, infidelity, intimacy issues, long standing arguments and even your own childhood issues.  

Dr. Kellam has helped many couples and has trained in Imago Therapy with Harville Hendricks and has also received training in the popular Gottman method.  

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Parenting Training for Couples $185 for a 50 minute session

One of the most common problems couples deal with is parenting.  Usually one parent is strict and harsh and one parent is loving and permissive.  Dr. Kellam will help you find the best of both worlds,  a way to be strict and loving without being harsh or permissive. She will show you both how to use the good things you are already doing and make remarkable transformations in your relationships with each other and your children 


"Our family went to see Dr. Kellam during a desperate time and crisis. We had been to several other professionals for help, but no one offered real solutions. She helped us so much! She is family now."

"Theresa Kellam is the best therapist I have have ever had the pleasure to receive counseling and much needed help from. I am experiencing a traumatic life change with my marriage. She is very professional and offers guidance and psychological exercises I can truly use. I don't know what I would do without her at this point in my life. I would highly recommend Dr. Theresa Kellam to anyone who needs a highly skilled and compassionate psychologist!"